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    Noftz Returns To Ohio To Coach Akron Ellet

    Good luck Coach Noftz.
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    Buchtel Basketball Opening.

    I hope they get someone good.
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    UPDATED - Possible High Schools for Top 8th Graders

    It will be interesting to see where all these hammers end up at. I always enjoy this thread after the OAC Jr.High States.
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    PAC - 7 has three HC openings ...

    I agree, coach Hose is a great coachand person.
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    Ellet position open?!?!?

    Any new news on this job?
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    Mentor D-1 District Rankings (Off-Season #1)

    So do you think this will happen ?
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    2020 Medina Invitational Contact

    What teams are signed up for Medina for the 2021 season ?
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    What phase is Ohio in beginning May 26th?

    When is the wrestling phase?
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    How will the Hilliard high schools be in 2021?

    Ok, if we have wrestling in 2021 (Which we all hope we will) how will the three Hilliard high schools be. Darby Davidson Bradley
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    2021 Fairfield Invitational

    Who was at this tournament in 2020?
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    Darby D-1 District Rankings (Off-Season #1)

    Changes- just my 2 cents Butcher- 113 Gooding -126 Palmer -132 if Agin goes up Le goes up Reed and Ayoub- 138 Euton and Baumann- 145 Miller and Gonzalez- 152 Rojas, Gartrell , Svantner- 160 If Norwood wrestles or stays in CD 160/170 Candido and Broskie- 170 Moore, Alli -182 Healy- 195 Not...
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    Freestyle season?

    What's freestyle season? 😭
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    Greater Cleveland Conference Expansion

    I agree 100% with you. Maybe Shaker can surprise us and get a couple of more wins.
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    Fall Nationals Oct. 19-20

    Are any Ohio wrestlers attending this tourney?
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    Graham Wrestling 2019-2020

    106- Nolan Gessler 132- Chris Kelly 138- Nick Moore 145- Alek Martin 152- Trace Braun 160- Isaiah Stickley 170- Camden McDanel 182-Eric Thomas 195- Nolan Neves