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    NFHS rules interp 2020-2021

    I made this same argument to someone who complained on Facebook about it. I remember people being up in arms when undergarment was required from the times we could weigh in butt naked, making the same argument about underwear adding so much. And during these days of the alpha assessment (I know...
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    OFFICIAL: No wrestling state tournament.

    3pm D3 4:15 D2 5:30 D1 Other than the 3pm D3 all other times are approximate but seem to be accurate.
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    Hospitality Room

    I'll be driving through the area on the way to our district, think I can get a to-go box?
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    3 pound allowance

    If you are canceled AND cannot practice, yes. However, like CoachHoon said, that has to come from OHSAA because I'm sure the host site and school(s) have to have that verified before just allowing it. We had school today, but our board policy is canceled school=all activities canceled, where my...
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    Mat Questions?

    Resilite also has the lightweight flex mats with the tapeless zip method (kind of like a ziplock bag). Those are nice, only complaint I have heard from that is the zip can be a little rough on the skin if you actually slide across it in some way. Resilite also does that digiprint where you can...
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    Sectional ??

    Splitting hairs, when I broke it down last year I had Barnesville 19 and Madison Plains 12, unless I missed an alternate getting in someplace? To break last year down even further by state placer Barnesville-8; Madison Plains-6; Sandy Valley and Ridgedale- 2 each. All but Barnesville had a...
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    Entry grids and pre-seeds

    Combination of answers: 1) Inexperienced tournament director doesn't quite know how to release the info (Gary and staff have access to all but doesn't run all, so designated delegates are in charge of that stuff). 2) As mentioned above, someone missed the deadline and delayed the process 3)...
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    State duals experiment with format.

    French Field House, they did this when OSU hosted National Duals many years ago. D1 was in St. John, French Field House hosted D2 and D3 and championship finals were all in St. John. Not saying it's available but that would be a doable location without officially moving from the current location.
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    Season Length

    Agreed, I've had this backfire where kids come out a little rusty and you feel like it was a wasted break. I think this year I managed the break a lot better. We just had about a 3 week layoff between competitions and this time it paid off because this past weekend was one of our better...
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    What teams will be at the Jeff Arndt Wrestling Invitational?

    Yeah Arbiter has the list above, Track has another list that has Coffman, Grove City, Johnstown, Logan, Madison-Plains, and Watkins Memorial as well. But the track list is based on what people put on their schedule, so that one is incomplete and only self-reported teams.
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    Madison-Plains needs teams 12/14/19

    Madison-Plains HS, about 20 minutes west of Columbus, is looking for 2 more teams for their individual tournament on Dec 14th. It will be pools to bracket ran through Baumspage. Contact Coach Jordan Cramer at if you want in. Teams committed are: Circleville East (Columbus)...
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    Accessing Lindsay's Law in order to take the assessment...

    I think it depends on the setting in which you're doing it. Last year I watched the video on my own and had to take the quiz, this year the AD had all of us come in and watch it together and I only had to sign a paper. I'm guessing the AD takes an admin password to say he'll go over it with the...
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    Need Varsity Assistant at Madison-Plains

    Madison-Plains HS, located in London, OH, about 20-30 minutes west of Columbus, is in need of a varsity assistant coach. Currently holding PAV would be ideal but not a deal breaker, however you must be able to obtain one before Nov. 15th. Must be able to pass BCI/FBI background check in order to...
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    State directory -- updating information

    Madison-Plains Head Coach-Jordan Cramer
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    In Search of Asst. Varsity Coach

    TTT Send info to me at email listed above.