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    County Shutdowns? Please no politics

    Lorain County, as both conferences in the county (LC8 and SWC) have postponed all winter sport games until 12/7.
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    Looking for 1 or 2 point event 12/11 or 12/12

    Columbia HS in NE Ohio is looking for a 1 or 2 point event on 12/11 or 12/12. We can travel 1 hr outside Cleveland. We should have a full lineup with 21 wrestlers on roster. Please message me if you have any events. Thank you.
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    Which Conference Will Be Next?

    Lorain County, which all the schools are in, will be purple next week. We had 270 new cases yesterday, alone. That is the rationale.
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    Which Conference Will Be Next?

    LC8 (Columbia, Clearview, Firelands, Keystone, Oberlin, Brookside, Wellington, Black River) just postponed all winter sports until Dec. 7.
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    COVID-19 testing

    My wife is a nurse, and every night she comes home crying because of how overwhelmed they are. They cannot even properly treat people now because they don't have enough equipment. She watched a perfectly healthy 25 year old take his last breath over the weekend. I want wrestling as much as...
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    Ohio Voting on Winter Sports Season till Tuesday

    My AD didn't say it was a vote, said it was a survey. They are just gauging what school leaders are thinking.
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    Wrestling on hold?

    One of the schools in our conference and county suspended all winter sports until mid-Dec.
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    More cancellations in other states

    We have done that, our coaching association presented plans, guidelines, and suggestions to everyone involved in the decision making process. I know they have been doing this for months and have done a great job. But ultimately it comes down to the Dewine, the health departments, and...
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    More cancellations in other states

    Trust me, coaches, ADs, teachers, superintendents, and all those in education are doing everything we can to have school, sports seasons, etc. It falls on parents and kids. The few cases we have had in our school are from kids going to parties and/or hanging out with kids from colleges (the big...
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    More cancellations in other states

    I wouldn't mind having mostly tris and quads, my biggest concern is finding matches for my younger wrestlers, the 5-7 kids that would be back-ups that usually get time as extras at tournaments or get time at JV tournaments.
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    More cancellations in other states

    We will see, I am very anxious about this "meeting" that the Lt. Gov is having with school leaders and winter coaches on Monday. Hoping it is just to reiterate guidelines and procedures we need to do, but fearing it could be a postponement or full cancellation of winter sports.
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    Wrestling on hold?

    I just got an email that the Lieutenant Governor will be addressing winter sports with school leaders on Monday, so maybe Summit is waiting to hear what he says first before moving forward.
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    Looking for JV Tournaments/Matches (NE Ohio)

    Yes, we already have that on our schedule, looking for more to make sure they get plenty of matches since we are doing more duals this year with lack of tournaments
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    Streaming high school matches

    Trackwrestling might be your best bet as long as you have the equpiment (laptop, camera, internet connection). I have been looking as well because I know our first two tournaments are not allowing spectators, but Track wouldn't work for that since I can't lug around a laptop and camera from mat...