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    Ask The Ump?

    ?? I know...that’s why I said if the ball came to a stop and he moved into the path between ball and home after it stopped, but just merely being in the way by itself would be nearly impossible to deem intentional
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    Ask The Ump?

    I’m late to the party; but did the coach move before the ball came to rest? Meaning, if the ball was still rolling/bounding, it would be nearly impossible to get that for interference as how would the coach know where he will best be in position to block a throw home. If the ball comes to a...
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    NFL Sunday Pick'em Week 10 Results

    Cleveland Detroit Tampa Bay Philadelphia Buffalo Miami Las Vegas LA Rams Pittsburgh Baltimore Over 52.5 Over 48.5
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    Wrestling and the Herd Immunity

    April through October is 7 months. 3500 / 7 is 500 per month, nowhere near 875. Still high, but nearly half of what you claimed.
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    Ask the Ref.

    I do not believe so. The shortage of officials (for all sports) is mainly due to low pay versus high stress. People will say something like "you get $30/hour" but you are also driving to and from, changing before and after, and preparing (I umpire baseball and spend probably an hour cleaning...
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    You make the call. PI or not? NY at Fairland

    Just to clarify, that was a long-winded way of saying that it is wrong to say that a situation should determine whether you call a foul, or it has to be more flagrant. The only thing that heightens if you're level of certainty...don't make a game-changing call on the last play if in a flash you...
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    You make the call. PI or not? NY at Fairland

    I have never officiated football, but I do baseball and wrestling. First, I have to completely agree that there is zero way to tell exactly what happened from the two videos I have seen, which is amazing in this day and age where everything is on camera, that no better angle exists, but oh...
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    Ask The Ref?

    With so many playoff games being postponed until tomorrow, what happens with the officials? for example, a guy I umpire baseball with drove from Akron to Columbus last wknd (2 hours) to work a playoff game, and then drove home bc he had to work at Fed Ex at 4am. He wouldn’t be able to stay...
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    Best QB in the NFL

    I never said Allen was trash or didn’t belong in NFL, but the post/thread is about the best in the entire league. Anyone who would argue that Allen is in THAT discussion is just a Bills homer at this point.
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    Best QB in the NFL

    yeah, this argument didn’t survive very long
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    Best QB in the NFL

    yes, because until the other QBs in discussion have similarly bad games, you can not make an argument for Allen, and now for Rodgers. if and when Wilson has a terrible game, then we can go back to comparing whole body of work. but for now, they are both out of the discussion.
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    Best QB in the NFL

    Think you can remove Josh Allen from the recommendation list/post. I think Mahomes is the most electric, I think Russell Wilson is the most “valuable”, I think Aaron Rogers is the most determined this year. I am in the group that thinks MVP is different from best player, valuable means...
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    Sunday NFL Pick'em Week 6 Results

    Cleveland Indianapolis Minnesota Tennessee Detroit Carolina NY Giants (what a terrible game...) Green Bay Under Ravens/Eagles Over Jets/Dolphins New England LA Rams
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    Leveon Bell is available

    I’m sure someone will take a chance on him because, I BELIEVE I READ THAT, any team signing him can do so for the league minimum bc the Jets have to pay his salary (6 more million). Team signing him will give him the minimum (whatever it is, let’s say 0.5 million). The other 5.5 million comes...
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    Interesting Article About Minimum GPA Requirements

    Well since the entire thread and article cited are about McK eligibility requirements, it’s safe to say the “higher emphasis” was in regards to them requiring a higher GPA to play sports. they have a higher emphasis on the academic requirement to be an athlete. but you changed it to apply to...