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    Cincinnati transfers(to and from)

    Last I heard yes. That was a couple weeks ago though so who knows???
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    How safe did the season end up being?

    Already happened - Manchester is forfeiting their 1st round game v. Lockland due to positive tests/quarantine. Lockland will advance.
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    Deer Park ?

    DP also lost their main assistant coach - Reggie Revels - and he was the main talent procurer over there. I haven't heard of any incoming kids but I anticipate they will have several, especially is CPS stays virtual and pauses winter athletics like they did fall sports.
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    New Prep School in Northern Kentucky

    I would imagine they will field a team of many former Huntington Prep kids since one of the coaches from HP is attached to the project. HP closed down for this year - maybe forever - after losing their affiliation with St. Joseph in Huntington.
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    Toledo Public Schools cancels fall season.
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    Dayton Area Basketball

    Maybe I should have clarified - In the new GWOC (Beavercreek, Centerville, Fairmont, Miamisburg, Northmont, Springboro, Wayne), Springfield should be top 3 every year and win their share of league championships. That would set them up nicely for a deep tournament run. That type of stability is a...
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    Dayton Area Basketball

    Good move for McCullough - Springfield should be top 3 in that league almost every year.
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    Cincinnati players "in and out"

    Turpin lost Holt to a prep school McNick lost Kocisko to a prep school New Richmond lost the Ipsaro brothers to CovCath CNE can't confirm but Schmidt may be on the move.
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    Dayton Area Basketball

    I'm hearing it's McCullough. They have a board meeting today so expect an official announcement soon.
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    Dayton Area Basketball

    FWIW He posted something on his social media about transferring to West Carrollton - photoshopped picture of him in a West Carrollton uniform.
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    GMC Basketball 2019-2020

    The OHSAA calls it 'rebuttable recruiting' - meaning it is assumed you were recruited and you have to prove to them that you weren't recruited. The fact that any of the kids transferring to Princeton - whether by moving or open enrolling - weren't transferring prior to the new coach being hired...
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    GMC Basketball 2019-2020

    Transfer rules make it very difficult to follow your coach from one school to the next without sitting a full season - wording in the OHSAA by-law means you have to be able to prove to the OHSAA you weren't recruited. I'm usually pretty good about remembering the transfer by-laws so I think the...
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    ECC (Eastern Cincinnati Conference) 2019-2020

    Pretty sure West Clermont hired Tom Jutze to be their head coach.
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    GMC Basketball 2019-2020

    The transfer back to home school district only applies when you transfer BACK to your home school district. Looking at stats, he sat the 2nd half of the 2018-2019 season per transfer rules. The transfer back is a separate situation and covered by the exemption - doesn't matter if you transfer...
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    GMC Basketball 2019-2020

    I think Hamilton is his home district so he will be eligible the entire season under the 1-time transfer back to home school district exemption. I'm pretty sure he played at Hamilton as a Freshman??