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    St Ursula Cincinnati Soccer Coach is OUT

    You sound like a candidate for the job!
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    St Ursula Cincinnati Soccer Coach is OUT

    Actually NOT a super great person or coach. Glad your daughter had a good time but I’m disappointed that they retained any of the staff. The new head coach was present during the racist jokes and said and did nothing so I’m not expecting much from his leadership in directing a change. They...
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    Local Exhibition scores

    Any scores available from recent local girls scrimmages or preseason games?
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    Jefferson Cup

    Any local teams playing in the Jefferson Cup this weekend?
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    FC Cincinnati Academy

    Has anyone heard about the major development with FC Cincinnati starting a fee-free soccer club which will start in 2019? Free travel, free kits, tutoring and a true academy style training program. Not sure if this will include a girls program or will the DA program remain the same. Will this...
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    DA vs ECNL What's the point?

    What is the prevailing opinion regarding the emphasis of these two platforms. I think the DA is selling the WNST as the goal while the ECNL is a college platform. If you ask most local soccer players and their parents most would agree the end game is a college scholarship to good 'ol State U...