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    The Haunting of Hill House

    Netflix original series. Who's watched it? I started it, and wife got hooked halfway through, so we're watching it again. Love it. Who else has seen it? What y'all think?
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    iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9

    Help me decide. Worth moving from Apple for a while?
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    #licenseplatelinda Funniest news story in a while. And I know these people! :laugh:
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    Ripken Experience

    My son's been invited to join a local National-level team this fall to play down in Pigeon Forge at the Ripken Baseball complex. Any of you guys done one of these tournaments? Can you offer any reason why we shouldn't participate? Looking forward to the experience.
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    Cincy Flames 13u Coach

    Has this already need discussed? What a tool. If you allow someone to get under your skin that much, you shouldn’t be allowed to coach. With a baseball bat?? bt9Aep9T7Us
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    Do strangers you help....?

    Say thank you or show appreciation? Or do they carry on with barely acknowledging your existence? The latter just really grinds my gears...:mad:
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    Youth Summer Camps

    Is it too early to inquire about youth summer camps? I'm in the Cincinnati area and my son will be 10 in December. Currently he's enrolled in La Salle's baseball camp, but want to know what else is around me. Secondary question: are there camps that focus on positions?
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    Ufc: 207

    The return of Rousey. I also think it will be the end of Rousey, no matter she win or lose. White confirmed that she will address the media post-fight, so I'm expecting a retirement announcement. Love to watch her fight, but she doesn't have the fighter mentality anymore. IDK who else is on...
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    What's Your Favorite Restaurant Bread?

    I love bread. Specifically, the bread nearly every restaurant gives you pre-meal. Just got back from Carlo & Johnny and they have some phenomenal sourdough. What are some places that you think have good bread?
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    Desktop Computers: Build v Buy

    We're converting an open room in the house into an office, and I am going to add a desktop to the mix. Can you still maximize value by building your own tower, or are the packages you find at Best Buy or Micro Center gonna be just as cost effective? If the answer is build, where do you...
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    NBA FINALS: Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors

    Rematch from last year's finals. All parties healthy. Who ya got?
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    Evidence Against Darwinism Toddler falls into gorilla habitat at Cincy Zoo and they killed the wrong animal.
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    What's your favorite time of day?

    Pretty self explanatory. It can be an exact time (4:20) or more general (late morning).
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    Happy Anniversary!

    I didn't get you guys anything, but know that our anniversary is in my thoughts today. :) :laugh: Hope you all have a good one!!
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    GAP Apologizes and Pulls "Racial" Ad. GAP pulled this ad because people cried "racist" due to the only black girl "posing as an armrest" to...