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    Favorite TV Badass

    Great movie.
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    Greenon QB Cade Rice to transfer to Northmont

    Not necessarily. His mom is moving back to Ohio from Florida. I've seen more conspicuous transfers that the kid plays the whole season. There's nothing to see here folks.
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    Should individuals be fired because of their race or gender?

    You can't be serious, are you?
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    Should individuals be fired because of their race or gender?

    Who cares about the color of their skin? Employers are having trouble with just people showing up ON TIME and DO THEIR JOB. But these days, that's hard to find.
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    Watching the leprechaun now.

    I think she might be doing more than "fooling" him, if you ask me.
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    What to do?

    I think I paid $2.57. There wasn't any big stores on my way to the golf course. I had to get to the golf course. But I do like that you care enough about me spending my money. How thoughtful of you.
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    What to do?

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    Kelly Preston ~ dead @ age 57

    Wow. Nut jobs.
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    What to do?

    You mean I can't call and go to the media and get my 15 minutes of fame! How dare you! :ROFLMAO:
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    Kelly Preston ~ dead @ age 57

    What did you just get through smoking?
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    Kanye West running for President!

    But they conceal it very well.
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    Virginia has postponed high school football

    One down, I have three more states left.
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    What to do?

    So, this morning I have to stop and get some Mtn Dew from my 36 holes I'm going to be playing. I stop into Speedway and I grab a 2 Liter and get inline. They lady in front of me approaches the counter I step up (I'm not wearing a mask), I'm next in line. I hear the lady talking to the...
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    Chrissy Teigen deletes 60,000 tweets

    Isn't she married to Johnny Legend?