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    Kenton's prolific 5-wide offense - what happened to it?

    I thought that was at Cincinnati Anderson
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    IUDOGS: 2022 - 2023 Ohio High School Head Football Coaching Changes

    Bath has never been really that good if you look at their overall history. Mid-teir at best. They’re now the smallest school in the league aren’t they or is OG smaller?
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    Division V State Championship: Ironton (15-0) vs. South Range (15-0)

    Was at the game. Ironton had a muffed punt that VV scooped up and scored as well. As silly as it sounds; Ironton gets that punt off, VV might have only had 14 Was watching the game as a neutral spectator on Ironton’s side; they had ALOT of calls go against them as well. But good teams battle...
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    Clear Fork Football Coach Named NW District D IV Coach Of The Year...FIRED

    FWIW, I’ve seen plenty of teams shake hands, do the band thing, THEN go straight to the locker room for post-game talk. Once the talk is over, they go out and mingle. Was this the protocol for CF? I have no idea. But I feel like others have said; it’s just scratching the surface.
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    How’d you know it was the NLL
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    I can remember when I first started coaching, all of the league coaches would meet at a Bob Evans on Saturday morning that was central and exchange tapes from the previous night's game. At that time, we still had scouts at games to retrieve the previous 1-2 games. This was in 2005. During the...
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    State Semi Final Pairings

    In DVI If Columbia and ML win their respective regions, it’s going to be a little bit of a journey for both of them If either Columbus Grove OR Allen East, it’s a very short drive for either
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    Is it time to get rid of Neutral site games in playoffs?

    I think I’ve said this before and not that I agree with it; just what another state does. When I lived in Michigan, higher seed hosted until State-Semis. I do remember that last round before that having some ridiculous travel times for the visiting team, but it is what it is.
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    ALL district teams????

    Southwest came out yesterday.
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    Is it time to get rid of Neutral site games in playoffs?

    Not disagreeing with you, but i don't think there'd be a significant temperature difference between a place like Greenville and Sidney. I'd note too that Sidney/Wapak tend to host multiple games every year and have been doing so for years. I'm fairly certain this was Greenville's first, and I...
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    Is it time to get rid of Neutral site games in playoffs?

    Watching games on NFHS and seeing pictures, this stuck out to me. Small sample size but on Saturday, most of Midwest/SW Ohio got snow. Wapak was cleared off; looked GREAT Sidney was cleared off; looked GREAT Bellefontaine had little to nothing done to it Greenville had little to nothing...
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    New Bremen vs Ansonia

    Former head coach is now an Asst. for them and is in the booth.
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    2022 Regional Semifinal Neutral Sites

    I think it's Owned/Operated by Sidney City Schools and Lehman either pays a rental few OR helped fund enough of it to get their name in the endzone
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    2022 Regional Semifinal Neutral Sites

    It’s a horseshoe design now isn’t it?
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    2022 Regional Semifinal Neutral Sites

    I’m surprised Piqua isn’t hosting a game this weekend.