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    2021 Cleveland Browns Thread

    I think that's just it. We still haven't shaken the doomsday mindset that somehow the Browns will figure out a way to mess it up. Last season, they won games they had lost in the past. They seemed to be getting the Stefanski system, and things appeared to run more smoothly. They were able to do...
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    2021 Cleveland Browns Thread

    This might be the most anticipated Browns season since their return. Might as well get it started now.
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    D II State Championship: Archbishop Hoban (10-0) vs. Massillon (10-1)

    Agreed. If you're going to move it on such short notice, you might as well send it to Massillon, where the infrastructure is in place, volunteers and staff have experienced it before, and frankly, I think Massillon is better able to handle it than Benson right now from a logistical standpoint...
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    D-II Semi-Final: Archbishop Hoban vs Avon

    Two well-established programs meet at Parma's Byers Field for the opportunity to play for a state title. Thoughts about the match-up?
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    2020 Cleveland Browns

    Anyone know the over/under for Sunday? Should be 97.
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    2020 Cleveland Browns

    The emphasis on getting the ball to Beckham carried over from Kitchens' tenure to Stefanski's. I just wonder if Baker was influenced by Beckham's star posture in the league, or if Beckham was in Mayfield's ear about getting him the ball. It was fairly obvious that Beckham was very often...
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    Benedictine 2020

    I don't know they wouldn't have blocked it. But the chances are greatly reduced when the attempt is from 20 yards instead of 35. You mention rules. Fair enough. My point is, in a situation like that, such a rule is a matter of interpretation. How egregious was the contact? In my view, the adults...
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    Benedictine 2020

    Apparently, nothing was said to the official who threw the flag after the Walsh touchdown that tied it. My understanding from people who had a chance to view the moment indicated that the ball boy neither entered the field of play in his excitement (that was one explanation) or said anything...
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    2020 Summit County Viking Memorial Pick 'em- Week 9

    Week 9 Games: SVSM at Canfield North Canton Hoover at Massillon Mayfield at Hoban Andover Pymatuming Valley at Mogadore CVCA at Mentor Lake Catholic Benedictine at Walsh Riverside at Hudson Highland at Avon Dover at Streetsboro Copley at Woodridge Aurora at New Philadelphia Game of the Week...
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    2020 Summit County Viking Memorial Pick 'em- Week 8

    Barberton at St. John’s Jesuit Copley at Norwalk Twinsburg at Austintown Fitch West Geauga at SVSM Tallmadge at Cuyahoga Falls Nordonia at Mayfield Kent Roosevelt at Hoban Columbia at Mogadore Manchester at Kirtland CVCA at Perry Garfield Heights at Walsh Game of the Week: Stow at Mentor (68)
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    The AFC has almost all the great young QB's

    I don't know if Washington is ready to kick Haskins to the curb just yet. I think the team wanted to justify the 1st round pick they spent on him and put him in before he was ready. Typical mistake by a dysfunctional franchise from the top down. I think he'll get another shot. I agree with you...
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    2020 Summit County Viking Memorial Pick 'em- Week 7

    Lakewood at Barberton Cleveland Heights at Stow Copley at Aurora Chaney at Coventry Twinsburg at Brush Springfield at SVSM Ellet at Bedford East at W. Geauga Howland at Buchtel Cuyahoga Falls at Boardman Lakeside at Nordonia Game of the Week: Tallmadge at Dover (48)
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    Trends You Find Excruciatingly Annoying

    The Euro look IS timeless! Still have your paisley and madras shirts to go with your corduroy bellbottoms, Clark?
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    Trends You Find Excruciatingly Annoying

    This is a weird one for me, because I can hardly be described as a fashion-conscious person. But since when do brown shoes go with blue suits? For centuries, it seems, those dictating such trends have always decried that as an ultimate fashion faux pas. Now, all of a sudden, it's OK? I still...
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    2020 Cleveland Browns

    Have to take the Cowboys. They have too many good receivers, the Browns secondary is shaky and Prescott is mobile enough to maneuver away from pressure. The only way I believe the Browns can win is to hope Chubb and Hunt run their tails off and keep the Cowboys offense on the sidelines. If...