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    Toledo City League

    I agree with your assessment. Good kids at Rogers, they needed continuity over there and haven't had it. When you add in transfers, it's not a tidy situation. With that said, they looked light years better tonight than they did the first go round with Start. As much physical talent as I have...
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    Toledo City League

    Stopped over to Rogers to see them face Anthony Wayne this afternoon. Rogers overwhelmed them (and the 2-3 zone defense) easily. Final margin was 16 I think, but could have been 30+ if the Rogers coaches were so inclined. I was glad to see them getting the bench some minutes though, that is...
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    TAAC 2019-20

    Saw Stritch got it done last night against TC 60-50, I'll be looking for the replay on BCSN. Wandered over to OHHS last night as a consolation(couldn't make it all the way to Lima to catch that game). Got a real barnburner over in Ottawa Hills. Emmanuel won 56-55 in triple OT. There were more...
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    Lima Senior vs Rogers 12/21/19

    Was hoping to make it down to the game, but couldn't make it. The lack of a coherent system was pretty evident when I saw them over at Start, and the clock is running as the season rolls on. Hopefully the coach can make some progress. They will lose some size after this year, but...
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    Toledo City League

    Rogers 44 Start 33 Game did not disappoint. Was 28-24 Start after 3, but Rogers poured it on late. Rogers has as much athleticism as anyone they will face this year. But if they are going to take advantage of that athleticism, there will need to be a lot of development over the course of the...
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    Toledo City League

    I'm planning on going, should be a slobberknocker.
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    Three Rivers Athletic Conference (TRAC) 2019-2020

    Good sign for Clay to keep it close. I was at the Stritch/SFS game Weds night and was not overly impressed with SFS, though the coaching on both sides I thought was good.
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    Wednesday November 27 Final Scores

    St Francis DeSales 55 Cardinal Stritch 52
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    Chucking: A Rant!

    I'm an old guy, I admit that much. But it seemed like years ago, when a guy put up 20 or 30 points, it mattered what he shot from the floor. For example, Karl Malone was above 50% FG percentage for his entire career. Whether it is NBA, College, or High School, it is like people are celebrating...