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    Rigged election?

    Keep the faith!!! Hopefully Trump will get what he deserves.
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    State Championships by County

    Plus 1979 AA Winner - St. Marys Memorial
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    You can watch all the State Championships for free

    The games will be shown on "Spectrum News 1 Ohio." Check channel 1 if you have Spectrum cable. This is the same channel it was shown on last year. I think it has been at least a few years since they were on STO.
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    The media doesn't validate an election

    Thanks for clearing that up. Here I was thinking that since the media has projected a winner that the states would not bother to certify the election and that the Electoral College would not need to vote. Gives you more than a month for reality to sink in. Hang in there.
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    Battleground State Predictions

    It is looking like their guy lost this time.
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    2020 Unofficial OHSAA Last Man Standing Contest (Week 11)

    Lima Central Catholic over Hopewell-Loudon by 14 Fort Frye over Fairland by 21
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    Time For HS Athletic Conference Realignment

    Some merch opportunities there as well.
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    Time For HS Athletic Conference Realignment

    Do you have a link to the website with the merch? Cause I'd buy a hat and maybe even a hoodie.
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    Time For HS Athletic Conference Realignment

    Since he is hung up on counties, I am guessing his next proposal is the Hardin County League. Ada, Hardin Northern, Kenton, USV, ...
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    Battleground State Predictions

    Let's just hope Nate's back of the envelope calculation is correct. FL goes to Biden and this becomes a short night. But knowing Florida...
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    Battleground State Predictions

    Trump winning MI is the least likely thing that anyone on this thread has predicted so far.
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    Battleground State Predictions

    Seems credible to me, I'll predict NC for Biden and GA for Trump.
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    One day to go - WHO YOU GOT ?

    Biden - 300 EV Senate - 51 D House - 240 D
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    2020 Unofficial OHSAA Last Man Standing (Week 10)

    Marion Local over Riverside by 35 Lima Central Catholic over Crestview by 21
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    Rain & Virus

    Tailgating already?