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    May he die a slow and painful death.
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    Pete Rose

    Why do I hate him? maybe because he was a cheater and a liar. He'll be put in the HOF only after he's dead.
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    Am I mistaken . . .

    All the ads I see on Yappi are from either coin dealers or Saks, where are the questionable items are shown.
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    Cleveland Guardians

    Tito has Tribe in first place in their division. Time to fire him?
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    Scrimmage Scores

    St. Ignatius 2, Hudson 1
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    Am I mistaken . . .

    or is that Yappi is now displaying ads for what could be called (politely) marital aids?
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    Moeller vs. Massillon predictions

    Predictions: Moelller 5 penalties for 45 yards Massillon 12 penalties for 130 yards
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    2022 St. Edward Football

    And their fans would cut their wrists.
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    Cleveland. Com top Ohio QBs 2022

    Hurts to realize that an Ignatius QB has not made the list. Cats are going to be in major trouble in Kyle's last year.
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    What if the customer is 76 cents short?

    I too was wondering about the tip. Did she intend to give him no tip at all?
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    Primary Night 8/2

    When I went to vote around noon, I asked if the early voting had been busy. The voting "people" said it was the most crowded primary they had ever witnessed.
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    Do you like self-checkout at Grocery Stores

    The last time I went to a Safeway I asked the clerk if he would tell me what he was paid. I admitted it was none of my business, but he smiled and replied that it was well over $20 per hour.
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    Gas Prices

    $3.98 at Sam's Club in Tucson.
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    2022 St. Ignatius Football

    Happy Feast Day!
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    Celtics great Bill Russell passes away at 88

    The greatest player to have ever held a basketball. No Jordon, no Lebron, just Russell.