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    State Championship Updates (Anna vs Springfield Local)

    Can ohsaa make the MAC their own division? Always impressed with the product they bring to the finals.
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    Division VII State Championship: Marion Local (12-2) vs. Lucas (13-1)

    Trimble I mean Lucas keeps it close for 2qters then the flyers open it up.
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    Division VI State Semifinal: Howard East Knox (13-0) vs. New Middletown Springfield (13-0)

    How many pass attempts does Brungard have ?
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    What Home and Home Series would you like to see

    Kirkland vs Kirtland
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    Division VII - Region 25 Championship: Cuyahoga Heights (10-1) vs. Lucas (10-2)

    And 2017 js If your best player gets more than 10-12 touches for the game Lucas wins.
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    Ask The Ref?

    Thanks for the response, you can google the answer you want and argue behind a screen but at the end of the day you guys do the homework and provide the correct answer. Much appreciated. Long story short we didn’t lose because of this call, if left as is it would of put the game into OT. Can...
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    Ask The Ref?

    What rule specifies the position of the snapper’s shoulders? Btw, appreciate the feedback, just trying to understand this call on the field better.
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    Ask The Ref?

    I apologize, Nelsonville tv cable’s instant replay cameras were out of commission Friday night. Pitch left to the rb, lone wideout to the left blocks, snapper who’s shoulders were not parallel with los only snaps the ball, line to the right and #20moves towards the snapper by the time the rb...
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    Ask The Ref?

    5 players in the backfield was called on this muddle huddle 2 pt conversion:
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    WK 12: 4. Trimble (11-0) vs 1. Springfield (11-0)

    Run #10 over #68 and #51 and that 4 &9 means nothing
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    WK 12: 4. Trimble (11-0) vs 1. Springfield (11-0)

    Yeah let’s pass on 4-3
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    WK 12: 4. Trimble (11-0) vs 1. Springfield (11-0)

    What penalties have we benefited from....explain...
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    WK 12: 4. Trimble (11-0) vs 1. Springfield (11-0)

    Congrats Springfield, not taking anything away from you guys