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Who is your source that said Peterson put up about 30 points in the Federal League's tournament championship game?
Bull GreenDog
Bull GreenDog
Probably the Federal League thread. Someone posted a video of highlights from the middle school championship.
Gabe is still behind Jess Adamson's 63' 5 3/4" put from 2013 at the Midwest Meet of Champions, but I'm pulling for him. Someone I know who saw his 62-10 @ LaSalle says he expects 65-66 feet this year from Gabe from what he saw.
I could not find the list and thought 62 would have hit the top 25. I am pulling for him
One of my son's friends was a D1 1b this year. Already in the transfer portal. One of his complaints had to do with widespread use of PEDs. Wanted nothing to do with it. Is getting out and going JUCO down south.
Seems like a common theme in college that the coach wants the players to put on weight. Some take shortcuts and other prefer to work. My kid put on 20 lbs by eating tons of protein and hitting the weights hard. PED use goes back a long way and there really doesn't seem to be any testing at the D2 level. Good for your son's friend for doing the right thing. Hope your son found a place to play this year.
He is pitching for a Juco in Illinois. It was a perfect fit for him. I am a huge fan of Juco's
Holland Springfield near Toledo, will be replacing turf sometime after fall 2021 season, also could be looking at turf on infield of baseball and softball fields
It's no wonder the GCLS track records were so screwed up. GHG timing does that meet, so they probably came from Mark. Ross District met is the same way. After last year's Ross meet, he sent me an email saying he was not going to respond to any more of my emails on a professional or personal level
I see now why you sent me that me email.
Hey man remember you told me you had this name a while back, If we ever needed it. I am not mad but wanted to remind you. It wasn't to bad, I guess.
Sorry man, you must have me confused with someone else I'm not sure who you are! What would there be to be mad at?
Hi Chic!..just saw a post that had to be you. I've seen a few of the interviews you've given recently for the Canton repository on teams of the decades and past Stark Co. state championship teams. I have always credited your short but incredibly instructive coaching of me in 7 th grade to whatever degree of success i had later. Good to see you on here and following Stark Co wrestling. John (Duke) Erbland
Hey GC what rumors have you heard about Hamilton bball from my old home town??? Did Stewart take the blame for others messing up??
Thanks GC--My Oak Hills coach son says the word is Principal and Asst Principal were told to resign---I am guessing it all wasn't on AD Bill Stewart--He took the initial bullets.
My dealings with Bill Stewart have been nothing but positive. Thats how I view people. My nephew is the head football coach, info come from his mother.
I've known Bill since 1978--played softball with him for Chester's Pizza in the early 80's---he is a stand-up guy and would not have done anything to risk eligibility for Hamilton unless his boss told him to go ahead.
Does this look how it may play out for the Cats?

02 23 21 7:00 PM Niles @ Struthers
02 26 21 7:00 PM Geneva @ Struthers
03 04 21 7:00 PM Canton South or Streetsboro @ Struthers
03 06 21 4:00 PM Ursuline or Perry @ Struthers
03 11 21 6:15 PM Akron SVSM vs. Struthers

We can hope SVSM gets scratched by Covid :p:p:p
Living out here in the wild, wild West I miss quite a bit.
What happened to Jimmy that he left Struthers.
If there was anything in the paper I missed it.


Buckeye Elite
Buckeye Elite
It was a bunch of different things, stealing money, gambling the basketball money, just a bunch of shady stuff, he’s trying to clear his life up which is good for him, but a lot of things went on that shouldn’t be tolerated. Also the way he undercut savko to get the job still doesn’t sit well with me. I’m pretty involved with basketball and football
Wow, thanks for the recap. Sort of blew me away.
I guess I'm shocked, but I guess this could happen anywhere.
You probably know the politics in Struthers better than most people.
Whatever became of Savko? Any idea?

Buckeye Elite
Buckeye Elite
He still goes to a lot of the games, I know he wasn’t happy when it all went down but he still supports the basketball and football teams a lot
Are you talking about Miller or Keller? Both play with a bit of swagger no doubt. I didn't want to put it out there on the public forums.
Miller is the player who ran over to taunt Moeller’s bench immediately following the win.
Yea that's who I figured you were talking about.......
Father of three, grandfather of five, and husband of one. Hack golfer and lover of peace and serenity. Waiting for retirement.
Any interest in a tri FRIDAY? (12/4)
Sorry just saw your message, unfortunately we are not available until after the 7th to compete. Thank you anyway
Can you PM me? I don't know how you can pay me for it, but I have a ticket and can't go. I can sell you it. If you PM me, we can exchange phone numbers and discuss it. It's up to you.
1988 - our freshman year was the first with girls. We had like 340ish when we started. Graduated with like 290ish.
ya know my brother Steve then maybe. Iknow youre mom pretty well from when she was librarian
Yeah, she was there almost 20 years! Still kicking in Finneytown. Love what RB is doing recently with school. Great to see them doing so well!
Nice win Rockets off to great start on the gridiron
Yeah watched it on Carroll you tube. I think they have about 12 Seniors who have been starting since they were Sophs so they have that going for them. I really know only 1 kid on the team but nice to see them do well. Looks like they beat CJ next week and lose the last two but I’ll take it. Maybe they’ll surprise.