Your government is corrupt and hates you.


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Your government won't prioritize protecting you from evil while at the same time your government prioritizes treating you as if you're the evil.

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Our government is out of control from it's intended purpose.
Our constitution is there to protect the individual from such evil. Our founding fathers intended the government to be very small with limited abilities/purpose. They knew that governments / people get power hungry, greedy and turn tyrannical.

Our laws are supposed to be applied equally, they are not!
One major problem is the permanent unelected bureaucracies, 3 letter agencies we have given too much power. When politicians and political interest align with these people, they are almost impossible to stop...Chuck Schumer "six ways to Sunday to get you" was what we watch Trump go through, if they can do it to our president they can do it to anyone, and they do!

Much of this ever increasing mass of scum/ swamp is aligned with a even larger pile of evil scum called the globalist which is controlled by our central bankers and large corporations... the recent WHO power grab is a good example of their exposed plans.
Never comply and never give them your guns unless you give them the bullets first.