Will Mclanahan?

Does anyone have anyone information on this kid from Milford? I heard at one point in the season he was leading the state in goals but that didn't come from a viable source. Does he contribute in a big way to his team? Any information would be great!
According to OHSLA, Nick Weiss of Anderson leads the state with 25 goals.

I wonder if this is updated and by whom? There are no Moeller guyslisted. Winrod from Milford has 17 goals to lead Milford. McClanahan has 29 points.
Yeah thats wrong...
Finegan has 29 goals and 37 points
Bauer has 20 goals and 29 points but he has more than that because i don't know his stats for the mason game.
Hofrictor has 32 points including the mason game so every single one of Moes attack has more or the same amount of points as this Will McClanahan.
Only if teams post statistics do the numbers show. No school is required to do this and most don't. So this means nothing. You will never see UA, Jerome, etc post statistics.
Will is actually really good. I always guarded him when we played against each other and he has a lot of really good moves and a nice shot.