Will lifting the mask mandate for those vaccinated make you go get a vaccine?


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Just model an optional vax ID policy, similar to those States that recently passed voter ID requirements. After all, we want to make sure you are who you say you are, right? And if a business wants to adopt this as a requirement for admission, then so be it.


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Those are so low tech that it would be so easily to forge one if you wanted to....

I got it for one reason.....I got paid $250+.......and got to burn half a sick day for each appt.


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Haven't gotten it yet. I'm still in a "wait until" mode. Back in January the heart doctor scheduled me for a heart cath. Was told to wait until I'd had the heart cath. The cath didn't show any blockage but did cause the heart doctor to send me to see a lung doctor. Wait until he's seen you. Lung doctor schedules a test. Wait until we have the results. Results cause the lung doctor to have me go see the heart failure clinic. They do a test. Wait until we have results of this month long test we want you to do because of the results of the first test. "Wait until" is now at mid-May. Will it be over soon and I can get the vaccine? Wait until I know and I'll share that information.


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I'm in between shots, get the second Physer next week. No trouble with the first. I am in the minority in my county, Overall vaccine rate under 40%.