Who is the most impressive wrestler you have seen?

Not sure how anyone who saw Cael wrestle could not say him. He was just so incredible in every sense of the word. His mindset was absolute perfection on the mat.
This question could be interpreted a number of ways. The best wrestler I’ve seen is Jordan Burroughs. The wrestler who achieved the highest level while in high school would be Fried or Schlatter.
High school would be Hetag Pliev (Lakota East), Kyle Ott (Wayne), or Mark Perry (Blair Academy). I saw Mark Perry at Oklahoma State's wrestling camp back in 2002 and he was giving the college guys all they could handle. (OSU would go on to win 4 straight team National Titles.)

College would be Johnny Thompson at Oklahoma State. Of course John Smith was at the camp too, but was already well past his competition days at that point.
Jimmy Superfly Snuka off the top rope was always impressive live…,
Chris Phillips and Felipe Martinez's freshman years at Ironman are the most impressive and surprising things I have seen in wrestling. Not saying they're the best, just so impressive to me.