Who are the top 2 players at each position this year in Cincy?

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Who is the most dangerous middie? Who can crank up their shot like no one else? Best D-Pole? Top Goalie? Who is a sleeper player flying under the radar, that no one knows about? Keep it positive....
ok so who do they play for what positions... is it u hyping ur self up, come on u cant just through up 2 random names from canada and expect us to worship them like u
yeah kid, i bet ur jsut talking to talk, so what if theyre from canada, doesnt mean they are "God's", there is so much skill in the nati, its hard to believe that they wud stand out that much if they were good
Top 2 ?!?

Wow... top 2 at each position is a tough call.

Top goalie for '08 should be easy- Steve Krall at Indian Hill. Looked good last year and one of the few experienced guys returning this year. Huster, Osborne, Lucas Bezarra were great last year but untested back-ups will have their hands full.

Defense- Jake Hubbard (Moe) if he stays healthy all season should have a great season. Kyle Johns and Poplis at St. X should anchor the best D in R4. Lockwood at IH should also be tough. Mnatsakanian from West looked good from what I saw last year but was obviously overshadowed by Grant Hunter.

Midfield- St. X will be dangerous with Luke Kuechly at F/O and Gerry Reilly (fast, great defense). Moe has Catino who may be fastest in city and Anderson with big shot. Keller and Bolser for IH are also very good but struggled with ball control last season in games I saw.

Attack- So many good attack guys coming back for '08. With young defenses it could be a scoring feast in Cincy this season. Moe returns all 3 starters (Finnegan, Hofrichter, Bauer) from last year who each had like 50-60 points. IH's Keriakes and St. Xs Stanislaw should both be big scorers. Also watch Noonan (West) and Peterson (Mariemont).

Should be a good season. Whoever can pull together a solid group at defense is likely to have a good shot at the region 4 title this year as many of the top teams should have lots of scoring power.
i dont think that i can say who is the best because you need the players at your position to help so i would say

goal- ih

defence- st. x ih

mid.- tough one id say tie between the 3 big d1's

attack- moe

overall i think that it will be very close between st.x moe and ih that lakota... i think west... team was impressive buit mainly i think it will be the big 3
you forgot Connor Carroll from Moe, he was ineligible last year but will be ready to go for this year. He is a lefty that played attack last year and was originally starting before he became ineligible. He got moved to midfeild so Moe has 3 senior middies starting as well. Offensively, I think Moe is by far the most hypowered in the city. Out of their 6 offensive starters 4 will be going on to play college lax next year at either highly ranked D3 or D1 schools. Not counting Catino who could have gone to Air Force but decided to not play college lacrosse.
Imholt is good too. They're all fast, good athletes.

And heaven help R4 if Fred Craig decides to play this year. Would that midfield be any good? Yike.

Any chance Craig will play-- any indications yet? I heard last year, he took the year off, because he was preparing for football, and didn't want to impair his chances at scholarships-- now that he has signed with Stanford, will he play this year?
Two middies from a little bit north are the Kauth brothers. Zack a upcoming senior and Alex a upcoming junior both play for the dayton club team. I have yet to see a team be able to contain both and most times either from scoring or dishing easy assists. Both averaged almost 6 points per game. They suffer from a lack of lacrosse in dayton and both are varsity fball, bball, and track athletes at CJ. Look out for another great year by the two midfielders. In my opinion they could hang with anyone.
Drake Peterson is one of the best attacks i've seen in awhile, Already has the most goals in school history (tops over standout Gibby from last year, and his older brother Reed)
i would have to disagree. I think Sean Finegan from Moeller is a better attackman. After looking at Moeller's website where they have all of the guys stats from last season, Sean had more points than Drake and played a much tougher schedule. Both these players are very good dont get me wrong.
having guarded both over the past 2 years i would have to say you cant really compare them. finegan's more of a quick, juking attackman while peterson is clearly a power attackman who uses his strength to make his own shots
Lets get back to the main topic please. State the top 2 players at each position in Cincy this year. No side topics
michael guastaferro and mitchell white are studs for mariemont....watch out!!! another state run for the Warriors!
Attack- So many good attack guys coming back for '08. With young defenses it could be a scoring feast in Cincy this season. Moe returns all 3 starters (Finnegan, Hofrichter, Bauer) from last year who each had like 50-60 points.

Wasn't Bollman a starting attackman for moe last year?
Bowman played mainly midfield for Moeller last season. I think in a few games they inverted to put him behind cage in attack position if it created a big mismatch.
Moeller has only two of the top players in R4, that would be sean finegan (attack) and Jake Hubbered (deffense), the rest of the players are role players, and they are good at what they have to do. the main question is if they have a goalie this year
Ohio Lax, you must know very little about recruiting in general. It doesn't matter what High School you attend, especially in Ohio. Recruiting is done during the summer.

Finnegan is the better attackman, Delaware is a much, much better lacrosse school that Presbyterian will ever be.

Lastly, Peterson is too small to a be a threat at attack at the next level. He'll probably be moved to midde.
I'm pretty sure coaches would much rather come to a Moeller game than a Mariemont game.

Anyways, Finnegan was noticed by Delaware because he was on the team coached by his dad that went all across the country playing in tournies. That whole team was Moeller, X, IH, and some Sycamore, straight D1 schools. I don't see any D2 players on that roster, when I know that there are some D2 players better than some of those D1 players.

Congratulations to Finnegan for going to Delaware, but I don't like seeing this comparison to Peterson as being inferior because he is going to a smaller school, they are both college D1 programs.