What are you watching?


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Krypton: does DC bad guys best of all the TV shows, though won't miss a Gorrila Grodd or a King Shark, let alone a Grodd vs. King Shark ep. on Flash. Downside of Krypton is there are no light moments.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars, picking up where it stopped a few years ago to wrap up the story. Excellent series.

Star Trek: Picard. Oddly, more comicbookie that either of the above. Some good characters but kind of a boring story line.


I'm a bit behind the times, LOL I just finished "Band of Brothers". This was excellent! The whole series was well done. There was one scene in Episode 4 that reminded me of a story my dad told. He was a tank driver in WWII in Europe and he once told the story about when they drove into a town they liberated, the townspeople stoned a woman to death in the town square. They were ordered not to intervene. The woman was stoned to death because she was a Nazi Sympathizer who slept with the Germans when they had occupied the town.