Week 7: Trinity

Chase Wolf and Blake Bacevich are not walking out on that field. That 2016 team had a lot of dudes and suffered a number of injuries. Everybody knew if they could get their core players healthy they could make a run.
I was pointing out similarities between the 2 seasons.
There are an infinite number of differences.
I figured the staff would wait until after this Thursday for roster moves, but they're not wasting time
I give freshman punter a pass, he's figuring it out, but his blockers have to step up and protect him better. Need to win this week and try and build on that.
It's an interesting story on the 6'4" 240lb freshman punter.

Due to weight limits he couldn't play football until this year so instead of football he played soccer.
They put the big man at goalie and he excelled at making the stop and then kicking the soccer ball as far downfield as he could.

Yes the line didn't help him....on the blocked punt the defender came up the middle completely untouched and on a return after a 50 yard kick from the end zone he made the tackle at the 10 yard line to prevent a touchdown.