Wednesday, March 13 Final Scores

It was 26-6 after one and Colin White had 17 lol. Just an FYI....don't talk trash to the Titans....even if it was 3 years
EC didnt seem to come in with any sort of game plan against CW. I have seen quite a few OG games the last few years on TV and seen every sort of defense to try and limit him and make other players beat ya.

EC seemed to come in with no special plan against him, and appeared they felt their athleticism would be good enough to stop him.

They were wrong as that 1st QTR they gave him zero extra focus. The defensive game plan, or lack thereof, was a failure of the coaching staff. It wasnt until they were down 15+ that they tried something different and it was about status quo.

CW was running wide open and EC did a terrible job on him. I have seen bad teams have a better plan against him.