Updates: Hoban vs Toledo Central Catholic (12/1/22)


Go Buckeyes
Please post periodic updates from tonight's games in this thread. If you are going to do more frequent updates for a particular game, feel free to open a thread for that specific game...

**Bookmark this page as it will be used this year as the update thread for every night of the season.**
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Go Buckeyes
TCC ball on their 17.

1-run 4 yards
2-scramble 5 yards
3-pass incomplete (dropped)
4-punting from their 26....Hoban returns the punt to the TCC 46. Penalty block in the back (-10) yards. Start at their 40.

10:56 1Q


Go Buckeyes
Hoban ball on their 40.

1-run 6 yards
2-run 2 yards
3-run 1 yard
4-punting from their 49...TCC takes over at their 9.

8:39 1Q


Go Buckeyes
Hoban returns the kickoff to their 16 (Sperling)

Does Sperling normally return kicks?

Also, holding penalty on Hoban. They will start at their 6.


Go Buckeyes
Hoban ball on their 6.

1-run 7 yards...after the play personal foul against Hoban. Ball marked back at the 6.
2-run 20 yards

First down