Updates: Cincinnati Wyoming (15-0) vs. Cleveland Glenville (14-0) (12/3/22)


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Start of 4th quarter
2nd and 5. From own 49
Run. 4 yards
3rd and 1 flag. Holding Glenville
3rd and 11. Pass to their own 46
4th down and 7
Punt to the Wyoming 17


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1st down. 3 yard pass
2nd and 7 on their 31. 5 yard pass
3rd and 2. Pass for minus 1 yard
4th and 3. Timeout Wyoming.
8:23 left
Glenville up. 26-6


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1st and 10 on 29 after 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct Glenville
5:40. Left

1st down. 5 yard run.
2nd down. 3 yard run
3rd down. 1 yard run
4th down. Timeout Glenville
327 left

Both teams 2 timeouts left

26-6 Glenville


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Pretty much what I expected. I thought Wyoming would show up and for the most part they did. Just too many athletes on the other sideline. Wyoming is not helped by the CHL competition but it is what it is.