Two new rules to be tested in Atlantic League


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The independent Atlantic League of Professional Baseball will experiment with two revolutionary rule changes in the 2021 season, limiting teams’ use of the designated-hitter position to when their starting pitcher is in the game and lengthening the distance between home plate and the pitcher’s rubber by one foot.

These changes have been implemented by Major League Baseball as part of an ongoing partnership between the two leagues that began in 2019 to examine the effects of various rule and equipment alterations. Coupled with the rule changes that will be tested at the affiliated Minor League levels in 2021, they will provide data and discussion for potential future use in MLB.


Go Buckeyes
I'm not real excited about either of these rule changes. If pitching speed is an issue, lower the mound. Messing with the 60'6" just doesn't feel right.

The DH doesn't make much sense. Seems it would encourage more pitching changes, which is something that is already hurting MLB. Too many specialized pitchers on rosters today.


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How does the pitching distance rule effect player development? How do you evaluate talent when the conditions aren't equal? How many young kids will have their chances hurt or helped by this?