Tournament Draw Sunday

What are the expectations heading into the draw this weekend? Are there any remaining games that are expected to impact seeding?

A few things I would note in SW Ohio D1:

Oak Hills is trending in the wrong direction. They've had a tough run of games against stiff competition, but failing to get a result against a Fairfield team that is average at best would make me question putting them in the top 5 at this point.

Centerville at Springboro tonight will likely determine who gets the 1 seed in Dayton. I would give Centerville the slight edge there right now, but if Boro can win at home, they deserve the top spot.

Milford at Seton is a big matchup. I think Milford has locked up the top seed in Cincinnati, barring a complete collapse tomorrow night, but a close win for Seton could boost their seed. Conversely, if they get blown out like they did against MND the second time around, they stand to lose some ground to a Loveland team that, despite a few uncharacteristic mid-season results, appears to be peaking at the right time.

What my ballot would look like:
1. Milford 2. MND 3. Seton 4. SUA 5. Loveland 6. Oak Hills 7. West Clermont 8. Lakota East 9. Anderson 10. Mason
1. Centerville 2. Springboro 3. Miamisburg 4. Beavercreek 5. You pick
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Your Dayton predictions look pretty spot on.....

Centerville with the win last night is the clear #1.
Boro at #2 seems right since they were #1 until the lose to Centerville.

Sidney will likely be the #5 seed. They play in a weaker conference but still have some quality results under their belt. Ties vs Mburg and Creek.
I just don't see Centerville making it out of the region. That late season loss vs an average Seton team was pretty telling. MND and Milford have to absolutely be the odds on favorites to win the Region in D1. And if Oak Hills can get their defense together, they along with Miamisburg the probable GWOC winners could be wildcards in the mix. But the sheer level of talent across the field for MND and Milford is probably too much for anyone. I'd love to see it come down to those two again, a game I would for sure not miss. Maybe even be an appropriate time to cut a net or storm a field. I'd love to see Anderson make a surprise run. I really kind of feel like they can do it maybe not all the way but they could surprise.

D2 is a toss up. Summit has been absolutely unstoppable lately looking really, really good scoring a lot and giving up very few. Waynesville has arguably the best player in SW Ohio and just keeps winning. Wyoming has been their ever scrappy selves outside of the uncharacteristic Summit blowout. And Monroe is Monroe. Heck sometimes crazy stuff happens. Look at my Brave's win last year over Summit. Nobody saw that coming. Wyoming vs Taylor will say a lot about both teams as well as most likely name the CHL champion assuming they both get past Madeira and Mariemont tonight. That Southwest 3 Bracket is tough. Taylor, Wyoming, Monroe and Badin. With Batavia a potential upset.

Alter over CCDS in D3 is a tough call too. But it'll for sure be one of them. Both are pretty well coached, but I think CCDS has more on field talent. Losses to Waynesville and Wyoming down the stretch should reset them. They have a big test vs Summit this week. That may set the tone for both Summit and CCDS going into the playoffs.
Totally agree about D2, although Summit has been the best team I've seen this year. Wyoming is finally healthy and has had 2 really good results versus Monroe(tie) and CCD (win) recently. Potential IH/Summit rematch will be very interesting b/c IH also looks to be playing really good right now. Whoever comes out of that region will be plenty tested.