Summit Country Day v. Botkins


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I just saw this game on the schedule for tonight. Seems like a long drive for a Tuesday night. Based on records this looks like a good match-up. Having people on this chat from Cincy and Dayton (and north), any thoughts on these teams or this game?
Summit is playing very well after a rough start against solid teams. Botkins hasn’t played anyone to Summit’s caliber. I think SCD takes this one.


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Thanks. That's what I was thinking but don't know much about the teams in Dayton or north. I agree, Summit seems to be playing well right now.


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I am surprised this is a weekday game too.

Botkins will put up a fight. They have some talent but I think SCD has more.

I think botkins has their field mowed on Wednesday mornings too. 😉. Probably will be nice and thick tonight.