Saturday Finals (9/17/22)

Mr. Slippery

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So how big do you guys think city school stadiums in Columbus actually are?
You beat me to it.

I was going to say that not all schools are blessed to have a spacious stadium with fresh turf and a Taj Mahal press box within a stone's throw of the back of their school building. I've been to Lutheran East, so I know they don't have room on campus for much more than what is visible in the game feed (notice the housing units right behind the visitors' stands), and I doubt they have the pool of donors to acquire more land and build something larger. Even so, I'm guessing lights and night games might be out of the question, again, because of the housing units right behind the visitors' stands. Look at an aerial shot of the campus, and you won't see any practice fields either. They are working with what they have.

To answer your question, the only city school stadium I've been to in Columbus was at Linden McKinley. It was smaller but comparable to Ellet's stadium before the turf installation.


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Based on day games attended
Africentric has the best stadium in Columbus
East and Marion Franklin are the next two in line.
Linden is not bad
I have been to all but South as far as the Columbus City League stadiums go.

For night games
East isn't bad.
Walnut Ridge is dark with poor lighting