Rest in Peace, LCD


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Just head news of LCD's passing last night. I know no details, but wanted to share with the Yappi Community.

Love him or hate him, he most definitely left an impression. Use this thread to share your favorite memory of the man, the myth and the legend...LCD.

R.I.P. my friend!


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Im very torn up over this. LCD was a great friend of mine. I traveled with him to go to FL once a year, helped him run his businesses a few years back. The reason for his passing is TBD at this point. No one really knows.


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Wow, that really sucks. He was a lot of fun in here, and I'm sure fun irl. I figured that I had just missed something really funny that put him in yappi prison.

RIP, and God bless the little Cards and their Mom.


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I first met LCD at a Yappi Bowling Night gathering at my former place of employment. He didn't bowl, but he was a great dude. I think that was the same night that recently split his pants and proceeded to get kicked out of Hollywood Casino...but I digress.

Spent several nights drinking beers with LCD down at Hollywood and met the family a few times. He'll be missed.


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LCD said a lot of thing that were considered "Over the top". Sometimes he said them purely for the effect and sometimes he said them because they were just the raw truth.

Rest in Peace Brother.


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I am very sad about this. Garret was a good guy. Just one year behind me at Colerain. Way too young. Tomorrow isn't guaranteed so tell those you care about you love them every day.


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Wow! I was hoping this was some sort of sick joke. Evidently not. LCD will be missed around here. I always looked forward to his posts. RIP LCD.