Regional Final Host Stadium Prognostications


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If both communities don't lodge a formal complaint to the OHSAA against this ridiculous selection, shame on them. Both schools should agree to a another neutral site even if that would require more travel for both school. For example, Wooster would suffice but this would be predicated on Wooster willing to host. Heck, I'd be willing to go to Green knowing my chances of being able to go would be increased.
I would like to add to my original post on this threat. I have friends in that neck of the woods, Northwest High School area, and want them to know that my statement it's not a criticism of their facility, school system, or their administration. I have been to their Stadium which is very nice but the fact remains that it won't accommodate the size of the crowd that will be expected from two local teams that have very good fan support/following.


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It makes sense to flip the locations since Northwest would not come close to meeting the attendance needs of Massillon-Green. Sucks they have to both go all the to Mansfield.

Its disappointing though that there wasn't a bigger stadium to hold HN-WH. While they wouldn't sell out Mansfield, I bet would still have brought a combined 5-6k. They probably now will sell out Northwest since it only holds about 3k or so.

It is what it is. The OHSAA was obviously holding out hoping a bigger stadium (Wadsworth or Barberton) would host since it was the only game they originally had TBD. Guess nobody wanted it.

On the bright side, it will basically be the third straight sold out game for HN. The Norton game technically wasn't but it was 95 percent full.


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I’d assume all the Federal League schools conspired together to not host the game and attempt to neutralize Massillon’s fan advantage.
You would assume wrong. Very wrong.

But you would prove that you have a grossly inaccurate understanding of how sites are vetted and selected for tournament games.

Nothing good came from this damaging comment.

Please get help for your paranoia.