Predicted all americans for next season?

We may get three All Americans next year

With the spliting of the Anderson Club team into Turpin and Anderson and the move up of Bishop Fenwick, we may now have the required number of team for three All American selections.

Its way too early for this thread.

If its names you want, how about a "projected starters" or a "players to watch in '07" thread". That might generate a little more discussion than the current phantom all american speculation thread.

here are some players I will be watching come spring:

St. X - Mids: Saelinger (Leading scorer "06, Senior leader)
their sophomore face-off man, whose name escapes me

Attack: Carrol and Kamp (both of these guys should be primed for a
good year)

Moe - Mids: Catino - (hope he sees the field more, love to watch him run)
Bowman ( he's the man for them, will lead team in points again)

Attack: Finegan (loads of potential)

These are the only schools I watch closely, so, dont shoot the messenger.
moex said:
Upper_90', I agree. That's why I would not name the players.
Bowman - had a good 2006, he may be challenged by Finegan for the Moeller scoring title in 2007.

Bowman is a great middie. But Finegan...put a decent defender on him and he gets shut down.

Xlax07 said:
any info on any seniors playing in college?

I believe Jordan Bowdy (Dublin Coffman) has committed to Delaware...good player, but tries to be a bit flashy sometimes and it hurts him. He'll do fine however.
laxplayer11, name one game where finegan was shut down? in just about every game he had points, maybe not goals but his roll on his team was to be an assist man..and if hes that bad how does he get 2nd team all state?
well laxplayer11, u clearly play for west...and if i remember right the first time i played u guys i had 1 goal and 3 assists...then in the playoffs i had 2 or 3 goals and a assist. But hey, maybe ur right...maybe i do get shut down by average defenders

I meant dodging wise. Finegan is a great feeder, but I was basing my statement off his ability to take a D-pole 1-on-1 and beat him to the cage. He's a very talented support player in my eyes.


Don't get so cocky. I do believe there are some aspects of those games that you neglected from your rant, and I've got a feeling you don't want to remember them.
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from milford i think brooks and winrod will be solid again along with some middies like cal criswell brendan lawson and brenden douglass
first off, stop posting about milford. second laxplayer and moelax23 you have 5 months until practice is legit and prolly 6 or 7 until you play each other. wise up and sharpen your game not your mouths
Finnegan is a great player and has the ability to make something happen at will. Finn i hope you find out who that is because i would love to see what yo do to him this upcoming know who i am...

-knuckle explode beat
I believe he already knows who I am.

Anyway, is anyone else shocked about Mariemont moving to D2? I had picked them to be a great team this year in D1 thanks to Noah, Lucking, Lucas and Mike.
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Yea, but they competed fine last year in D1, and looked to be strong this year. I know their numbers aren't exactly large, but it still shocked me to see them move down a division.
Moex, politics will play a part in this. Voting tends to favor the D1 schools vs D2, but maybe this year the voting will look more closely at the player and their accomplishments. In Central Ohio - we have had a few D2 AA's, but the recognition certainly favors a player from an established D1 program. I still like yours picks - thanks for the PM.

exactly. politics in lacrosse will always play a center role, especially with teams from the north.

Who does everyone think will be cincys two all americans for the 2007 season?

if i had to pick today, it'd be between:

jarod bowman
will edwards
grant hunter
rudy bublitz

for the north, i'd bet my house on max schmidt and probably jordan bowdy.
What's wrong with Milford?

Nothing is wrong with Milford. You guys are new, and so is your program. It's just that some people will roll their eyes whenever you start talking about your program, but they gotta remember that they were there too.

Best of luck to you in 07.
bowman, hunter, and bublitz all looked solid today at X. too bad edwards/summit wasn't there.

i look at Moeller as having a clean-sweep victory of R4. ---- of a job coming back against WRA too (even with the "L", it was a great job).
Regarding AA awards in 2007, with respect to every player and every team - the unfortunate reality is that the awards are heavily weighted toward established D1 teams.

IMHO - there are only a few legitimate Ohio South candidates for the award in 2007. The best two candidates are senior middies - one D2 and one D1. The D2 player will have a much harder time earning the award due to traditional D1 voting bias. Good-luck to all.

You're right, there is a D1 voting bias. Jason Keck should've been one of the AA selected last year, but he wasn't because of his division.
Don't be suprised if Ryan Osbourne (Goalie; LW) gets the second nomination. He's been playing incredible lately...I've got to find out his save percentage and post it on here...
There is absolutely no way he will even be considered. He has put up barely mediocre stats against horrible teams: Kings, CCD, and Toledo St. John's.