Players To Watch In '07

im just gonna give you my analysis for the moe team...Obviously Bowman, Middie, who had a strong junior year, got bigger stronger and faster in the offseason, so he will be a huge contributor...Finegan and Carroll on attack...bublitz on d...and i think Eric Huster will have a great season at goalie, he started the last 4 games last season and posted pretty strong numbers against Mount Lebo, Lakota West, IH, and UA
Moex, good post. I think that is as good a "preseason all-city" list as any. Needless to say all of the players you mentioned are among the best and will be crucial to the success of their respective teams. It will be interesting to compare this list with the "actual" list that will emerge at season's end.

I suspect it will read differently by as many as four players, once all the games have been played. Cant wait to find out.
second line of middies

moex said:
IMHO Pre-season "All-Cincinnati" team - alpha order by position:

A - Finegan - Moeller
A - Gibby - Mariemont
A - Kereiakes - Indian Hill
M - Bowman - Moeller
M - Craig - Saint Xavier
M - Edwards - Summit
D - Bublitz - Moeller
D - Hunter - Lakota West
D - McFarland - Indian Hill
G - Osborne - Lakota West

Good-luck to all.

I would add a second line of midfielders from the lower divisions:
Nick Weiss - Anderson
Dave Browning - Anderson (now Turpin)
Jon Garmen - Bishop Fenwick
Mark Lepkowski from hoover...he had 5 goals in the championship game last year when he was a junior..he will be playing attack this year...
moex said:
Wcballa, I thought Logan Swinney (LWHS) was in the class of 2006?

No, he was a JR. last year. I bet the roster last year said he was though; the roster got about 1/3 of the team's class years wrong.