Northwest Ohio Realignment


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Here are some area news and notes I have heard at the watercooler I would like to share with all of you related to a handful of area programs for this upcoming season.

1. St Francis - School officials are very surprised about losing a couple athletes and coaches to other programs. Bruce is a 1 year interim deal. They have their eyes on another area Head Coach and just want to see how he does in 2021. This could be a shocker come December.

2. Whitmer - Heard Open Enrollment has really done wonders for them. Expect a 3 horse race between Central, Findlay and Whitmer for the Trac this fall.

3. Northwood - Look out for a very under the radar conference change.

4. Oregon Clay - Heard they had a Assistant Coach leave after the first day of group activity. This person does business with the NFL regarding offensive game plan strategy and analytics. Not a good look for a struggling program.

5. Lake - Surprise team to compete in NBC. Heard their passing game is going to both shock and light up that Conference. Competition for Ostego?

6. Napolean & BG - Heard the NLL may not need to worry about being at 11 teams. They think they will get to 8 on their own.

Anyways just random tidbits I have heard I thought you guys would enjoy.
Weird, I thought Washington Local was selective, weird their getting all the athlete’s in 😂🤣😂🤣


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Weird, I thought Washington Local was selective, weird their getting all the athlete’s in 😂🤣😂🤣

Well they do have a reputation for actually teaching their athletes so, let's see how it goes? Get a few from Cherry as a baseline comparison on value added.

There are going to be a lot of parents comparing district and school response to covid, efforts to reach students and making decisions based on word of mouth and observation. You got certain schools.... that wouldn't let their kids in the door even though they had space. Even those that were let in the door can see that others were not and will be making judgements. We had certain districts that had trouble getting off the pot.

Since we seem to be in the "I heard" game, I'm hearing WLS seemed to hit the ground running when this first hit and continued into the new school year. Credit should be given, they have a much more diverse curriculum to serve than does Cherry St. or even the burbs.
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