Northwest Conference 2021


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Welcome to the Northwest Conference Leipsic Vikings.
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who will star or lead each team??
Grove will rely heavily on Colin Metzger at running back. Defense will be led by Mitch Douglas on the D-Line and junior duo of AJ Schafer and Tad Koch at linebacker, both will be 3 year starters as juniors.

Not sure what Leipsic has as they didn't play Grove last year, but they are always big, fast, and physical.

Allen East is losing a lot of talent but seemed like they had a lot of good sophomores and juniors last year, especially on their defense.

Not sure what Spencerville lost last year, but they will have the Grigsby kid still at running back who should be a workhorse for them.

Crestview is a huge question mark, they lost a very good duo of running backs last year, plus their head coach and D-Coordinator.

Bluffton will have Schaadt back at QB, if they can protect him and have 1-2 weapons to help him, he can be dangerous. He started to look pretty good at the end of last season.

Jefferson is bringing back the core of their offense, hopefully they can start to build up around that this year.

Not sure what Ada will look like this year but I've heard good things about their coach getting kids back out for football.


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We're now 86 days from HS Football. I'm bored and want to talk about football! By the start of this season Ada, Allen East, Delphos Jefferson, and Spencerville will have turf fields. All things considered, (field surface, bleachers, concessions, restrooms, locker rooms for those that played, etc.) how would you rank the football stadiums in the NWC?


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Best field to fence watch: Bluffton, you are very close to the action on the visitor side and i like to watch from the fence
Best field surface: right now would say Spencerville and them over AE only because I am not fond of the lighting at AE. Once Delphos & Ada also get turf, who knows
Best Concessions: I know they are not in the conference anymore, but I have to give Paulding kudos on their concessions. Smelling those grills on the visitors side always made me go get something whether I was hungry or not
Best Bleachers: Delphos because their visitor bleachers are really nice and no bad sight lines. I Like Ada & Bluffton's home sides just due to the history in them)

I cant really rank them 1 thru 8 since I think each stadium has its good and bad aspects. I can say and no offense, that I dislike Crestview's the most because scoreboard is impossible to view from visitors side and who has their press box on the 30 yd line, that has always bugged me lol
Do not know much about Leipsic's field. Was there only one time when my I watched a midget game maybe 15 years ago

Side note: Leipsic will have the honors of being the 1st team to play on Ada's new field when this football season opens up. Ada hosts Leipsic the 4th game of the season for their 1st home game to open the new field and visitors bleachers.