Moeller vs UA

Agree with SportsDad on one point- Moeller will have a struggle next year due to senior losses and depth. While they probably have the best attack group in the city (maybe all of Ohio!) in Finegan, Bauer and Hofrichter they are losing ALOT of midfield strength (Bowman, Bruce, Keoplfe, Albrink, etc). While they still have some very strong players and guys who showed lots of growth this season (Catino, Morgan, Wersel) they will have to work to pull together 2 strong lines next season. JV struggled- not sure they have many middies who can fill the shoes of the guys leaving. Defense loses some strength as well but not as big a hit as midfield.

There wasn't much substitution for Moe beyond bringing in defensive/ LSM guys and the third mid line saw little action. From what I've heard they didn't get alot of reps even in practices so not sure how much improvement they will show early next year. When subs were made, IMO there was a drop in level of play (Lakota) which is probably why they didn't do it much.

But... the time to start running guys in is NOT in the final four of state tournament. You gotta use what got you there and hope that can carry you along. Time to sub and build would have been during the season. Also agree you don't pull a goalie after a tough quarter particularly if defense is giving up easy looks- it kills confidence and rarely turns the tide in a lopsided game.

Congratulations to all the guys and good luck next year.
Are there any Sophs (soon to be juniors) from the JV who will play next year on Varsity. Besides the kids already on varsity?