Milford Lacrosse

So the truth is bad class? Winrod was the best player by far last year, but he also took the most cheap shots out of anyone on the team, trust me I gaurded him for the majority of both games. The guy from loveland even agreed with me that you guys are the dirtiest team. I'm not calling players out, I am just stating the facts.
haha, hes a good player but i wouldnt say hes our best. But this is just getting annoying. Im out fellas, ill see some of ya on the field. Good luck to all this season. peace.
First of all there is nothing milford lacrosse club can do about the division they are in. The school will not sanction them. Second of all they are definatly one of the top teams in the club divsion. And they are playing 14 teams outside their division this year, if they could go D1 they would.I dont see how Milford being in the club division has anything to do with what kind of team they are but obviously a lot of coaches around the city do, because they wont play Milford, including Moelers coach.[/QUOTE]
First off, if you are going to call out a school atleast spell it right. Secondly, is this a joke? Moeller has no time to play teams like milford. They are too busy playing real competition (i.e. Columbus teams), not padding their schedule with teams like milford. Heck, if they are going to schedule milford might as well throw in a game with Little Sisters of the Poor because that's about how good milford is. So stop whining about how Moeller won't play milford. They are doing milford a favor by saving them from being totally embarrassed.
Oh for the love of God, please, just stop.

I heard Milford lost 10-13 to CCD...anyone want to give me a rundown on how the game went?
umm it was a close game but we had a 3 minute penalty because of an illegal head and their goalie was amazing and blocked a bunch of our shots. But overall it was a close game
3 minutes?? thats crazy. i thought it was a one minute non-releaseable.

An illegal stick is a personal foul which results in a 1-3 minute non-releasable penalty. To my understanding, the amount of time in the box is arbitrary for the officials and probably corresponds to the severity of the play. Most officials consider an illegal stick a big infraction because it gives the player a definate advantage over others.
Don't forget, CCD won state last year so Milford's looking pretty decent this year. Moeller also has a wider selection in talent since they're an all guy school, i mean you dont have to rip on Milford just because they're blue collar and play too physical for some teams.
There is a fine line between physical and dirty, Milford has rolled over that line. I haven't seen them play this year yet to see if they have gotten better about that. Didn't Summit win state?
There is a fine line between physical and dirty, Milford has rolled over that line.
There's nothing wrong with physical play. It's a contact sport. Go play table tennis if it bothers you.

If they are fouling people, the refs will put them in man down and they will lose. The problem takes care of itself.