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I suspect that what Milesplit would prefer is for everyone to use their system for meet entries. But I hope fervently that does not happen. is what almost all of our meets use, and it is not only easier to use in my opinion, it allows coaches to easily use it for team data.


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It would be interesting to hear things from Mark Dwyer's perspective at Milesplit. Are they understaffed to accomplish what needs to be done?

This might make for an interesting article by some budding track and field journalist.

I have been responsible for more than 15 meets this year and haven't had any problems with results being posted in a timely manner at milesplit, so I am curious as to why others are having trouble.


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I'm with madman on this. I used this link to go to the DII/DIII results at New Richmond all day long yesterday without any problems Results showed up immediately after each event was run.

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I am sure that if you are using Milesplit Live to post results they get in the database quickly: And probably if you do meet entries through Milesplit they get posted quickly.


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I think the issues are as much on meet management side as anything. Specific to our school was an entrant in the 400 for girls and 400 boys not getting in. We duplicated our league entries. Very odd that it was one event that was only thing messed up for both genders. We have never had that issue with Baumspage for the District entries with two coaches checking each others entries. I guess it could have been an error on our part, but it's never happened before. We fill every event with two entries. Our seed times were a joke, so we need to figure out going forward how to fix that. This will add hours to our week as most of our meets are dual meets that up until now do not get reported. Not allowing our league meet results to count towards seed times makes no sense. It's done 3 days before entries are due. It's our most accurate indication of what we are doing. I already don't like that it's a Tuesday -Thursday meet ( I want Thursday or Friday - Saturday)

There were issues and there were many coaches that had issues. There were Districts that re-opened registration. It took us up until the day before competition started to correct our very minor problem. Many phone calls, emails etc... from two coaches and AD. I do not want to go through that again next year. It was not fun.