Mike Gardner??


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Ha.. no i wouldnt play this sport, but i know who he is and supposedly hes good.. so i was just wonderin if anyone knew of him


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idk how good gardner is on the ice, but i hear he's pretty good w/ the ladies

that sounds like a pretty weird comment to make, but i follow hockey pretty closely in the cincinnati area and if there is one player that is goin to be a star someday i think it is this Michael Gardner kid, he is solid all the way around on the ice


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Oh.. well thank you htowncats.. thats what i needed to hear... it is very good to hear that someone follows high school hockey, maybe this kid will be a cyclone one day:banana:


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Let me tell you this - if there's one man I want entering the face off zone with the goaltender pulled with under a minute left of game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals ......................................

it wouldn't be Mike Gardner.

He would probably be my second choice though.


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you guys are kidding right.
first of all youre talking OHIO HIGH SCHOOL HOCKEY!
this is a joke.

second of all youre talking badin high school. not even a varsity squad.

everyone knows if youre going anywhere, youre not playing high school.
i played at the same rink as gardner probably 6 years. and you guys are talking MINNESOTA??? maybe Minnesota's 3rd team?

come on. get real.


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mike gardener is a joke of a hockey player. so what if he had 9 goals in a game. he plays for a club high school team. thats worse then jv.