Article Massillon Tigers Take On Valdosta Wildcats

Massillon, OH – In a long awaited game by many Massillon Tigers fans, Massillon opened its 2023 season with a 28-17 victory over Valdosta Wildcats.

Valdosta, from Georgia, is currently ranked #1 in teams with the most wins of all time. They carry an impressive all-time record of 944-262-34 (944-263-34 after tonight's game). Massillon is currently ranked #4 with an all-time record of 932-299-36 (933-299-36 after tonight's game).

Massillon was faced with a tough choice between playing one of two quarterbacks, both whom are great in their own ways. Ultimately one quarterback, Owens, stood out as a valuable player racking up 2 rushing touchdowns and a total of 241 rushing yards. Owens brought the team back from an early 0-14 Valdosta lead. Owens displayed incredible speed and mobility and once he found an opening he was gone.

Valdosta started strong in the first quarter with 14 unanswered points, scoring their first touchdown within just 2 minutes of the start of the game. Massillon did not score until Owens was swapped in as quarterback. He led the Tigers to their first touchdown of the game in the second quarter.

Once the second half was under way, Owens broke a tackle on the first play and scored a touchdown to tie up the game at 14-14. Massillon scored 7 more unanswered points later in that 3rd quarter.

Valdosta followed up in the 4th quarter with a field goal kick, bringing the score to 21-17. Fans were left with some anxiety wondering if Massillon could hold onto the narrow lead. That is when a final touchdown by Owens answered that question. Massillon was able to reign in the victory with a final score of 28-17 in their first game of the 2023 season.

Stats showed Valdosta racking up 321 total yards on 48 plays (211 passing and 110 rushing), allowing 432 total yards on 62 plays (84 passing, 348 rushing) from Massillon. Valdosta was struck with 14 penalties for 124 yards, while Massillon took 7 penalties for 80 yards.