landing strip vs. players pocket

Stringing options

In my opinion about half the differences in stringing variations are for looks- someone is always out to make a cool new pocket or shooting string layout.

The biggest difference I've seen and heard is between mesh and traditional. The tightness and lower flex of traditional stringing can give quicker releases and more velocity. The big negative (and why most folks have moved away) is that they take time to break in, get screwy when wet, and it's hard to get multiple sticks in same condition in case one breaks.

Mesh is much easier to string and breaks in fast so easier to keep 2 sticks going or get one fixed and still be able to use it.

Shooting strings and pocket strings mostly are tuned to your preferred style. Deep pocket with strings can help keep ball in if you are a power, cradle monster but can add whip or slow release for passing. Shooting string layout and tension drive ball release (looser = more whip), tighter = quicker release.

Key is to find what works best for you (use a friends stick to see what you like) and then get used to it and have a back-up. If you want to play with variations, do it in the off-season...