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I had heard or read that Carter signed with Mount Union already and that Piporo has OS & Toledo interested, and Miller was about to sign or did sign already with someone too, anyone have info?


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Carter/miller have D3 interested! Even thou Pip is a sophmore he is only one with D1 looks. I would also guess Scott james & lorenzo is getting looks from someone as well. No one signed with anyone. Lake is looking really good so far!!!


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If Piporo keeps playing like he did against Boardman and Glenoak games , I can see him being D1,:clap: The glenoak boys gave Joe 13 or 14 balls right at him and he got everyone with no errors in the whole game, that kid is so smooth and fast! I am glad to see his batting is coming back too! Spring fever and warm temps works wonders! I heard that Scott James & Carter are Malone bound. and Miller has a D2 school in new york interested. Good luck to the whole team, keep the hard work up to get back on top.:thumb:
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