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Go Buckeyes
When he was a young teenager, his schtick was interesting enough to not be annoyed by him. Would have been mildly favorable of him when he first started. Now that he is a seasoned veteran acting like a spoiled teenager who learned from Zoolander how to pose for a photo, I don't have any use for him as an entertainer anymore.


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I have no issue with him other than him ending up with A Baldwin instead of Selena Gomez.


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I understand why some are critical of the man. Chuckle... many would question how I could refer to him as a man.

I try to imagine what it would be like to go from YouTube phenomenon to Multimillionaire over a short period of time. I can't wrap my mind around what he has enjoyed and paid for toward that end. What is my opinion of him depends on what the we are talking about.

Me, I am glad I have not been pitted with the challenges he has faced.