Jerome 11 Indian Hill 9


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Close game, IH was up three nothing in the first quarter, then it was just a see saw battle back and fourth and jerome ended up holding onto the game, could have gone either way
After losing to Moe 11-4, I never would've seen IH running with Jerome.

It seems the games are even more unpredictable than they were last year :shrug:
yeah i can definitley see where your coming from, and im not trying to make excuses but bear in mind that was IHs first game and moes fifth, IH was terrible at the beginning and got destroyed 9-0, but in the second half it was 4-2 and moe still had there starters in...i think it would be a good match up if they met again, but IH can still defiinitley contend for R4
Good Job IH for giving one of the top teams in the state a run for their money...

However, the same logic can be used for Moe's game vs. Jerome. I think Moeller will beat Jerome if they meet in the playoffs. Also, i understand what you're saying about how it was IH's first game and they are getting better but it's not like Moe isn't getting better either you know. They've been playing some awesome lacrosse lately. There's a lil different mindset when you start the second half up 9-0. There isn't that urgency to score so i never really like to compare scores by half when the game is out of hand. I do think that it will be much tougher for Moe to beat IH the second time around if they meet again.

Another point about this season so far is the inconsistency of teams. It seems like everybody is beating everybody. No one is separating themselves from the pack besides UA which is typical. Team A beats team B who beats Team C but then Team C beats Team A or comes closer than team B. It is impossible to compare scores of previous game of common opponents this year. It's gonna make for a very interesting and exciting post season.