James Schmidt - greatest GMC distance performer?


With Schmidt from Oak Hills winning in 4:12.52, 1:53.58, splitting 49 (4x4 win) and 1:54 (4x8) would that make his performance the greatest ever in the GMC Championship meet by a distance runners? Yes, Horter ran a faster 1600m (4:07.52) and 800 (1:54.56) but not sure of/if his splits in the 4x8 or 4x4.
Or any runner?


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I’m sure Horter, See, an Wills have worthy performances as well, but that’s an incredible meet for one guy.

Very curious what event(s?) he will choose for the rest of the season.


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As an Oak Hills grad I had two reactions. Thrilled at his potential in the next three weeks and dismay that he was responsible for most of his team’s points.