Issam Asinga' - SUSPENDED for 4 Years by AIU (Athletics Integrity Unit) - Impact on HS records


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Based on today's suspension for 4 years of Issam Asinga' (Montverde Academy, FL) who set then pending HS records in the 100m & 200m, I'm curious as to if NFHS will de-ratify his records (I don't have this year's federation book, so I don't know if they've already ratified them.

I'm also waiting to see if T&F News will remove his results as well. The drug test was on 18 July 2023, but his 10.05 from the Philly Nat'ls and his 19.97 200m were both set before the 18 July test.

In any case, I'm setting up my database to remove his pending status for both.