If there was a zombie outbreak and it was limited to one continent...

Bomb the One Continent?

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Cooling Off
...would you support just bombing and killing off that entire continent in order to save the rest of the world?
Can zombies swim? I am thinking you just avoid that continent unless it is contagious or you feel a terrorist will go there and free them...

Why not just bomb it? Zombie big-game hunting/safari trips...
Can zombies swim? I am thinking you just avoid that continent unless it is contagious or you feel a terrorist will go there and free them...

Isn't this the story line in "28 Days Later". Pretty sure at the end of the movie, they get rescued and transported out of England where the zombies are contained.
The problem with the zombies can't swim theory is that sometimes that don't need to.

How many times has a military ship been taking in survivors only to end up with one or more infected on board who eventually turn the entire ship? That ship will eventually hit land somewhere else and the outbreak spreads. How about air travel before the airports can be shutdown? Infected on a plane headed for our sunny shores. Imagine LAX or other major airports getting overrun first. That is a huge horde of zombies to start with.

It would be difficult to quarantine an entire continent. I don't think there are enough ships in the world to put a blockade around a whole land mass like that. You would have to make sure survivors DONT escape at the risk that they may be infected already. So either way you are condemning them to death.
Recently if anything bad ever happened kentucky would have a bunch of wild horses. Feed families for years
Zombies can't swim but they can float.

We still get debris from the Japan tsunami. If it can get here, zombies could. Bombing not good enough. t would send zombie parts into the atmosphere, causing green house effects that won't die.

We should send a Kardasian and give all the zombies a venereal disease. They will itch themselves to uh, death?
I actually have a recurring dream that I am in the middle of a zombie outbreak. Its almost like a tv show that sometimes picks up where it left off later on.
I believe in the glass dome/force field theory. Put the dome over affected area and let everything kill itself until the conflict is over, then simply remove the dome. I'm hoping we can develop this technology within the next 25 years, but it would be nice if we could put one over the middle east right now. Egypt, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc..........
Don't know if I would nuke em. What if it vaporized whatever caused the outbreak into the atmosphere, and it traveled world wide via the jet stream? Depends on the Continent. Anywhere but here... first we ship all of our prisoners over, drop them off with guns and let them kill off as many as they can while fighting to survive. Maybe cage the worst of the worst, drop that cage into the mess, and when it's amassed enough zombies around it... boom. Daisy cutters and take em all out. There are many other ways to expel large groups of zombies I would think. remote dozers running down mobs of baited zombies? Hell, let's get creative.