HS Soccer Scoreboard



Tonight was the first day teams were able to play countable games in the regular season. That being said, there will be many scrimmages going into next week.


Springboro 4
Lebanon 0

Bethel 2
Wayne 0

Centerville 1
Lakota West 0

Beavercreek 5
Waynesville 1

Miamisburg 2
Tecumseh 0

Jackson Center 3
Springfield 0

Monroe 4
Northwest 0

Dixie 11
Madison 0

Oakwood 3
CJ 1

Little Miami 3
Badin 2

Oak Hills 4
Carroll 0

Anderson 4
McNich 0


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I saw about 45-50 minutes. There weren't a ton of chances created in the build up. Alter missed a penalty about half way through the first half.

Alter looked aggressive, direct, and scrappy in the box. Monroe didn't threaten much.