H Tameris


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who is Heath Tameris? I was looking on swimmeet.com and saw his times from the cleveland invitational. Damn they were fast, he spilt a 25.8 in breast on the 200 medley relay. Has he always been this fast? I also heard that he gave ash a tough race at cleveland, and that ash is scared bc now he has someone that can compete with him. who is this kid?
His dad is a teacher at Milford High School and a swimming coach at MAST (Milford Area Swim Team - an age group team). When I was coaching, Heath was an average swimmer, but he must have improved a lot over the years - but he went through the MAST age group program, which has also improved a lot in the past 7 years or so.
He has improved a lot i played him in water polo he is a big strong guy. very fast breast stroker. Just very fast. One of sycamores best.