Good Middleschool Teams??

Blue Jays were the best in town

Sycamore and IH were next with Lakota, Middletown and Mason all close in a third group. Blue Jays and Sycamore were both very good offensive teams.
my brother played for ih "A". it seemed like bluejays were the best team but ih was a close second. my brother seemed to think that ih should have beaten the bluejays because ih played "terrible"
DawgFan said:
Green had a very good year, runner up state champs Div II.
I did not expect to see Green that far in the tournament. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the bracket showing Green in the state title game. It's a shame that they had to go down to a great Walnut Springs team. Great season guys.
Blue Jays, IH, Mason and Milford

All of those teams had pretty good years. There were many solid teams. Sycamore and Lakota were tough also. I think Moeller was really down. Mason hammered them the first time. Not sure if they played again. But I am sure they will be back.